Thursday, September 22, 2011

Perk Me Up Apron

There are certain necessities in life—1.Coffee and 2. Chocolate; they go hand in hand. If you are looking for an energy booster, try this apron Perk Me Up by Wendy Bentley fabric. This collection is a flash back to ‘60’s art, with the color trends of today.

There are 3 lined pockets in front that are 7"deep. The fabric is fun, perfect for any occassion.  Apron measures 29" at waist and 15" long includes the ruffle, and it is lined with a coordinating cotton fabric.
Wendy made these fabric covered boxes.
Wouldn't these be great as a gift set for the coffee lover.
One with the apron, one filled with coffee and the other with chocolate.
The perfect gift!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Place Setting Tags

Here are some tags I made and I thought they would be great to add to a place setting or to hang on a gift of food.

Pretty package tags

A Ice Cream Desert

Do you have plans for the long weekend?
Do you need something easy and oh so good to make?
It will be 97 degrees here today. The 3rd of September and after making my ice cream apron
I wanted ice cream so I made this wonderful treat that my friend from work brought in one day. She called it a funeral cake because this is what she takes to a wake and everyone loves it and so did I!
You will be surprised!
What you need is
1/2 gallon vanilla ice cream, any brand. It does not have to be expensive.

2 Packages vanilla instant pudding. (large box)

2 sleeves Ritz or Town House crackers

And Cool Whip (8oz will do)
Those are the ingredients.
But first you must let the ice cream soften and then add the 2 pudding packages and whip them together

Crumble your crackers (i like the way that sounds) and put into the bottom of 9x13 inch pan

Spread the ice cream pudding mix on top

Once that is spread out add the Cool Whip on top of that

That's all there is too it! Easy as Pie!
You can serve in pretty dishes like I did with the crystal goblets "I HAD TO HAVE" when I got married but never use.

I really is very good and was gobbled  up so fast by my family.
(maybe because I finally used my goblets)
I think this would be REALLY good substituting vanilla with chocolate.
OR add bananas to the vanilla.
What is nice about this is the pudding really firms up the ice cream. It WILL NOT run like melted ice cream. So it can sit out for a while. But please refrigerate any left overs.
Have a Great Labor Day Weekend.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sweet Summer Apron

Here is a fun apron I just made.

I think it is too fun and it really made me want ICE CREAM the whole time I was making it. It is a fun new fabric designed by my friend Wendy Bentley. She is so talented. I hope you like the apron and it is available in my Etsy Shop.
You can check out Wendy's blog here.
Vacations, swimming pools and walking into our favorite Ice Cream Soda Shop smelling the sweet air of ice cream and hot fudge. Those were the nostalgic days of summer and they are here again in this fun collection called Sweet Summer.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone has a safe and dry weekend away from Hurricane Irene.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beautiful Flowers

Just wanted to share some beautiful flowers from around where I live. It is almost the end of August and these flowers are still going strong. They are all over town. Love them! Wish the petunias in my yard looked half as good as these. Too bad we can't have them all year long.
Have A Great Weekend
Go do something fun!

Would You-Could You Have a Pink Kitchen

I was at my favorite Antique Mall the other day and I eyed this fun pink refrigerator and I thought to myself: could I live in a pink kitchen? Probably not. The price on this was right though. $175.00.
It had been painted pink and they did a good job at it. This was not the original color. It was originally white.

That's right on sale $175.00

The inside was blue. Love the butter door.
The refrigerator was on but when I opened it up nothing cold to drink. I guess I was too late.

So could you have a pink kitchen?
Here are a few I spied.
pink kitchen design, kitchen design with pink wall
I think I would eat way too much ice cream.

Although I love the look and I do love pink, I would  feel like I was living in a sea of Pepto-Bismol.
My daughters though would have LOVED to have THIS KITCHEN when they were younger.!!
Pink Retro Kitchen Collection
They would've made dinner every night I am sure of it!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What a Great Getaway

This has been around for awhile but I wanted to share these photos with you about a little retreat in the Catskills.
 Sandy Foster has turned a cabin on her property into her own little getaway. This is all the very impressive because she renovated the 9-by-14-foot cottage, an old hunting cabin, herself. The cost of renovating and furnishing it: $3,000.

You can read the whole New York Times article here

Or visit her blog
to see more of her beautiful photos.

Charming in the summertime
Enchanting at Christmas

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kitchen Makeover in Progress

I want to welcome you into my kitchen.  This might be long but I want to explain her roots.  Bear with me. I started to make over my 1988 kitchen. My home is 110 years old and it has seen several makeovers in it's time. First I don't think there was pluming because there was an outhouse (which is gone now) and a well. (Gone also) My concrete patio tells me where it was every winter by the big round spot where snow melts first in a perfect big circle every time, every year. I is really cool though.
My husband bought this house in 1978 because of the big rooms and high ceilings. He was thinking parties!!!
When I married him in 1987 I was thinking let's move. He said I will fix her up. Well we did. What we got were Oak cabinets, Almond counter tops, almond appliances and a white linoleum floor. It was beautiful. It was also 1987. I had one of the biggest kitchens out of all my friends. 16x16. I was in heaven. Soooo new. Sooo pretty. Well alot has changed, 4 kids and many of their friends in and out. dark oak cabinets had to go (somebody turn the lights on please) Worn out floor.(Don't trip on the seam coming up.) And  then the death of the beautiful Kenmore almond side by side refrigerator with ice maker and water dispenser. (Thank you God for taking her to refrigerator heaven.)Take a look at a corner of my kitchen earlier this year.

Not bad but she was like a women in desperate need of needing her roots retouched.
So I looked around for inspiration. Found so many beautiful kitchens but hubby didn't think any thing was wrong with it the way it was. But I will paint, the cabinets are good oak cabinets. Solid wood. I picked out a color. Didn't want stark white. Found Linen white by Benjamin Moore. Washed them down real good.Primed them up. And I applied the paint with a brush and immediately went over them with a good sponge roller. Not one brush mark is visible.  If I could have the kitchen of my dreams it would go a little like this in the pictures below

Pretty much on a grand scale but oh I love it
Black and white Kitchen
LOVE the molding and the plate rack!
I see a bridal shower going on here.
A little bit more realistic

I want subway tile
Beautiful in any room
I'm moving in
kitchen overallThe following kitchen is what really inspired me to go ahead and get the paint and get at it. Please visit to see all the details of her amazing kitchen remodel. What I love about Jennifers kitchen is while it is on the small side and it is not grand. It is comfortable, you want to be there. I really like her finishing touches. What makes white on white so beautiful is you really notice all the decorating thats going on and this makes it more than just a room but the heart of the home.

This is my kitchen corner with the painted cabinets and pulls put on.

Kenmore is now gone but Frigidaire is here. Love this refrigerator.

Remember the before?

Which way is better?  With the lights on or off?
Theres more to show later. Are you coming back to see?
Enjoy your day. Pam