Sunday, July 10, 2011

Getting To Know Me

If you are wondering what this blog is going to about, well a little of anything. I am a married working mom of 4 and I work 45 hours a week. My kids are grown now. My youngest is 19 years old.
If you are wondering what kind of style I have, well I don't really have A STYLE I like everything from romantic shabby chic to down and dirty grungy thing. Fine silver to brass. One thing for sure though is I LIKE TO MAKE THINGS. Let me show you some of the thing I have made.
I really liked this bracelet of lucite flowers and crystal
and sterling silver.

Brass Findings

Lampwork beads, crystals and fine silver

Screen printed by me

More burlap

I love this apron. So retro

I need more of this fabric Michael Miller Laundry Day. If you have any and are willing to part with it let me know first.

Made with fabric designed by Wendy Bentley

Vintage linen apron bought by a gal in Australia and sent to her twin sister in California.
She hosts Tea Parties. rerfect for that don't you Think?

More screen print on an apron

Rosary made bronze, crystals and Chrysocolla

One of my needle felted flower pins.
See I like to make a lot of things from needle felting, screen printing. burlap, roses to retro. What do you think??

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Laura said...

Well I think that you are AMAZING and I love all of it! I REALLY love that laundry day apron that is too cute and totally me,me,me! As a Mother of 4 yourself, you know exactly how often I'm doing laundry. :P
I wish I had an ounce of your talent Pam. :)